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22 thoughts on “An Educated Empath Is A Narcissist & Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare

  1. I couldn't agree more. I got one of my narcs to leave me the hell alone (mostly) because I knew his soft spot is/was his fragile ego. I poked at that ego in ways I knew would piss him off, and he huffed off like a little child and I haven't had to see his pathetic face since. He thinks he's punishing me by staying out of our lives, but of course in reality it hasn't been this pleasant in a long time since he now refuses to be anywhere that he thinks I might show up (naturally, I do the same)….so No Contact is reinforced (at least for him, not for his wretched wife, yet) on both sides.

  2. Psychopaths don't look for supply and have a twisted form of creativity, those are indeed the most dangerous because they act like narcs but the 2.0 version.. those can smell counter and ferret it out or even worse kill the poor empath..

  3. Hi Sacha, you are a great teacher. thank you for your work, you are so clear, great help.
    lots of love

  4. Amen! I like this idea. Sascha! We are strong.

  5. t a

    in addition I just don't want some of myself back I want every bit of my whole self that was stolen from me and my children plus interest. maybe that's what we all want they have no right to our soul I believe that's why alot of us don't have the peace we crave so very much. thanks again.

  6. t a

    yes I have been with a narcissist for 41 years and before that a mother who was straight out of hell. for the bulk of my life I could not figure out what was going on because therapists rarely would even validate emotional abuse until Patrica Evans and Alice Walker shown light on the subject. yes we must be smarter and wiser. we must validate each other and be a strong support system as we build a solid foundation that will not waiver no matter how the storm rages.

  7. t a

    I would just like to say we are absolutely smarter but not smart enough. I detest the fact that most all of us are caught in a continuous cycle of wanting validation that proves we are not crazy. I have yet to meet a survivor whose wounds are completely healed. but I am grateful for the validation you offer from videos such as these.

  8. My experience with a narc was strictly online, we did talk on the phone a couple times, the first time I talked to him it wasn't at all what I had expected. He was not interesting or exciting to talk to at all, it was difficult to even have a conversation, I was leading the conversation the whole time. Kind of makes me feel good looking back and knowing what I know now about him!

  9. Assc direct is the channel I saw that confirmed the energy from NPD and how it affects a person…

    Your video is 5 stars in my book!
    It seems you read my mind once he left I realized who I was dealing with and what and I wanted to beat him at his own game buts it best to have no contact and move forward….

  10. The demonic energy was killing me literally since we lived together for 6mos other wise It would have been my pleasure.. Lol

  11. Empaths have something that narcissists and sociopath don't, which is empathy. They're the ones lacking, not us.

  12. Gosh, you are soooo right !!!!
    Exactly this is , what keeps me " alive"…. knowing, I am the more intelligent one and that I can feeeeeel .And this drives him nuts….to the point of even getting violent , or saying something, he knows that'll hurt me for decades and will remain in my brain and heart forever. Like :" I don't have the skills like you have , but I had a Mother , that loved and took care of me" ….knowing, I suffer from my mother's abuse until today. He said that in public in infront of our 12 year old son and then just left us standing there in the middle of Bankoks huge airport, before he threw our passports and check-in papers at both of us. I stood there, absolutely in shock, not even able, to reply….in anyway , until my son took my hand. Flying back to Germany was horrible….sitting next to this aswho……I still and will forever hate him for that even though I know , forgiving is the way to heal. 18 years of grieving broke me. But since last year I AM COMING BACK …in tiny little steps. And he hates it. Saying, he "wants his wife back"……I told him , she's gone and won't come back !!!

  13. I always feel that much closer to healing & regaining my true & authentic self that includes my sense of humor… feeling lighter each time I watch your vids, Sacha
    thank you!

  14. I thank God I found your channel, I'm a borderliner and my life has gotten so bad since I'm married, but now I'm realising I married a narcissist and my father in law is one too,and my father in law is even worse then my husband..I intuitively countered my father in law when I was stonger the first years, but over time he got control over our lives (due to financial involvement) now I'm doing everything I can to get him out..I hope this channel is going to help because I don't want my little empathic daughter being messed up by his involvement..

  15. Why is it that you talk like this?

  16. People that are highly intelligent and obviously well educated is what triggers the narcissist's jealousy and envy, making that person a target in the first place. Not meaning any disrespect or disagreeing with the video, just a bit of advice from personal experience, be careful when trying to outsmart a narcissist, it is quite possible that they have their inner circle of flying monkeys nearby. These people aren't right in the head and can be dangerous, just sayin'.

  17. I still don't understand why narcissism is looked so done upon. You wouldn't believe me but I am an empath and a narcissist ! Every reason why u said an empath can stop a narcissist is the fuel for me to become a narcissist. I was always an empath since I can remember and when I turned 16 and started to realize that I was more grounded and intellectual then everybody else and then I realize that I always been feeling everyone else's feelings that I want more to me. Now for me I think I am superior over anyone you can think of. I am smarter then any narcissist because I am an empath. I am a narcissistic I admit it but for the right reasons because of the empath powers I know I'm superior over any empath and over any narcissist

  18. excuse me narcsholes they are called.

  19. We are smarter than them. That is what totally pisses them off.Ha. Ha. It is really funny once that information finally gets lit up in your brain!Then, no body, and I mean no body, ever gets the best of us…not for long anyway.Great information! Makes me feel so good and confident again.

  20. Being grounded in reality also helped me, and eventually I came to the point where I just didn't accept the lying game of the narc anymore. Sometimes I just shrugged her statements off with a reluctant "uh-huh", which gives me the possibility to still say afterwards that I didn't agree ("sorry, didn't hear you what you were saying"), at other times I just corrected her "No, that's not correct", which is especially advisable when there is proof of my version of the truth, sometimes I just seemed to agree with a surprised "That's unbelievable!", letting her know I didn't really buy it.

    Let them hear what they want to hear (they accept half-agreement very easily), and if you're in the mood you can let them know what you really believe, but in your mind always stick to your truth and never let yourself get dragged down to their emotional arguments. Just give them a "Oh, you're wrong on this one" and walk away, ignore the sure to follow rage and give them a little feeling that they don't exist for you.

    P.S: Disagreement works best in public places – when there are people around, you can have fun watching the narc struggle to keep their cool, while you are perfectly relaxed. Don't do it too often though, save it for the big points. Mine sometimes even made concessions, so that I'd drop the topic – kind of using narc's own tactics against them. Of course she later on wouldn't remember she agreed, but just stay calm and insist. It freaks them out :-)

  21. Jon

    This is so true….education for an empathy is power. We have a natural talent, yet unlike athletics or something like instruments, there are hardly any coaches to foster that development. Once we are able to connect the”why” and the “how” there really is no answer for a sociopath – they prey upon the unaware empath, yet lose sight (b/c of their very nature) of the ability to grow and learn. Case in point: I was brought to the brink of death, by a narcissistic ex who fooled me, yet for some reason (later I became self aware of the toxic family that shaped me) hurt felt more like annoying bug bites. Fast forward a bit, and I see every single punch coming, naievely hoping for change, but of course gettung getting none. When the games started, I had “flipped a switch” and gave her the narcissistic manulation gambit. It just came out, not planning or scripting. A devalue/discard probably on a day he would have tried. End result? Narcissistic collapse, I guess? I don’t know exactly b/c I just don’t check. I have my own life. There was a bit of a hoover attempt in between, which I ignored.

    That lead me to realize that what I grew in al l along was a narcissistic mother’s “doll house.” Empoqered with knowledge, her attacks became easier to counter and outwit. Both on logic and emotion. Logic usually isn’t the best to use in this clash of styles, but a narcissist you see everyday will give you all the answers. They can’t realize this, but combining what we felt with what we now know, means interpretation of that feeling into something more – arsenal. It used to drain me mental plhysically, always winning but having to go the distance. I will give it to most narcissists -they have iron chins that don’t know how to go down, a different type of resiliency, yet one that leads nowhere, unlike ours that we can grow from and develop. Nowadays, I really feel like I need an ethics manual. It’s as if I have too much information; I don’t want to go overboard,but will defend myself and make them pout like a child b/c they threw the kitchen sink to get what they want and I knew everything coming. Definitely no more hurt or self doubt – confidence that they taught me “too” much to the extent I can replicate them and then some.

    Just a little bit goes a long way. A lot with will say to not fall down to their level. I disagree – you have no other choice! You are dealing with a child who is all about them. Recognize and connect the patterns, and you will have endless answers, whereas they can’t adapt. It’s a one trick pony -once you have the feel and timing down, you can dodge, CounterPunch, take it on the chin and smile to mess with them, all up to you. You know your narc best. I don’t know the exact strategy, but just a little reading I bet wil be enough – there’s not much too them!! It’s a script and their “warpath” is the chorus. Listen enough times and then you can do what you want with it. Unfortunately, if youbreally are an empathy, there won’t be much joy in it. You’ll actually realize how hollow they really are.., sense of inflicting hurt or disress. No joy, just a feeling of “getting the job done.” Which means, “I guess giving them a taste of their own medicine was right to do.

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