Meeting Ralph “Antagonist from the play Through Her Eyes”

Excerpt from the Play. “THROUGH HER EYES”

Ralph is the type of person that cannot be trusted. He is the Antagonist to Marianne in the play. Here is a little history on Ralph.

Not like your average career criminal, Ralph displays his want to learn so he can conflict pain on other people, whether mental or physical. He first got lock up for stomping a kid’s face after an argument over who could eat an ice cream faster at the age of 11 years old. After spending time and a good portion of his life in county prison, he began to use the system to educate himself on the judicial system and laws. He has beat many of his larger cases on his own without an attorney.

Since then he has done numerous crimes. He is also a register sex offender. He disabled his father by almost beating him to death as a young teenager. His anger is that he feels that society owes him. He feels they should pay him to live. Big on the drug trade he did some real time up in the West Cost of California in a federal facility. After finishing up his time he started using and manipulating his Father, telling him wanted to change his life around and that he wasn’t dealt a fair set of cards. His father bought in to his con and purchased him a house in the country to get him away from California. At his same games, Ralph got locked up before moving in. A compete narcissist, only cares for himself and will hurt, even kill anyone he feels that threatens him.

Highly educated and is serving time for selling drugs and mayhem on a police officer. His sister is Marianne the Protagonist. She will never forget the hidden secrets on how Ralph desires his own flesh and blood for his own pleasure.

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