Perhaps suicide is the Answer for you – The Evil Cold Madness of the Sociopath’s mind.

All of the answers showed there are good and warm people out there who could not conceive of the evilness of Narcissists and Sociopaths.

The follow up to this post is that the ex boyfriend continued to pound the victim with nonstop nagging and extreme verbal abuse.

Even with rigorous use of the Grey Rock method, the Narcissist/ continued to behave in an explosive manner with nonstop insults and abuse.

Some of the comments to the victim were telling her she was a train wreck, that the Sociopath found it funny, that he found he to be such a loser that he was amused.

And from merciless abuse to continued threats.

The victim at this time is rapidly seeking to move far away from her vile abuser.

Me [32 F] with my EXBF[39 M] 6 years/live in his house – how to make him stop harassing me?
I posted about how my then boyfriend suggested that “perhaps SUlClDE is the answer for me” when I was very upset and shared HOW stressed I have been not making money to give him.
He makes a lot of money and I have done my best to pay his mortgage while he in turn covered food/cable/utilities/ubers. But bad luck & bad economy and I have been struggling but still trying my best. I now am signed up for solid contract work and will have money before end of February. Not good enough for him.

Anyway, I was upset and shared how I was SO distraught that weeks ago I when I was idly looking out the kitchen window, I thought how I would not have any more stress from him over money if I just hung myself on the Japanese Maple tree.

I then shook my head and before I had a chance to add that OF COURSE I didn’t mean it, that it was such a passing, stress relieving thought, he looked at me with a pure cold intensity and said “”perhaps SUICIDE is the answer for YOU.””

At that precise second, all feelings, all desire, all love for him died. That died forever.

So we are broken up.

But I am now being hounded by him.

I told him I will leave and will still get money to him while I’m here. I explained this is all fresh and I need to figure out how to leave, where to move to and how to transport all my pets.

As I am also slightly disabled, I need to add that into the equation to. Instead of backing off, he is telling me I better get him money asap or he will kick me out March 1.

He now is resorting to telling me I’ma trainwreck and make him furious since I’m a loser who couldn’t get him money the last few months.

(meanwhile over 6 years living here, it STILL averages out to 40k a year, just the last two years have sucked income wise.)

Anyway, please share all good tips for keeping this person calm until I can move. And also, I don’t need any tips suggesting I move to a couch or something.

I need the internet connection here to do my upcoming work. I need to take my pets and belongings with me and move far away from here.

I just need good advice on shutting him up from his nagging and insults.

tl;dr: Broke up after Boyfriend suggested that perhaps SUICIDE is the answer for me when I shared a dark thought about it. Need tips to stop his rude nagging UNTIL I move out of his house.



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