Sociopaths, Pedophiles and False Accusations

Sociopaths, Pedophiles and False Accusations

In recent decades it has been fashionable to loosely throw around terms such as “sociopath” to label the people whom one dislikes. This trend has reached far greater proportions than it ever deserved to have. If someone as kind and compassionate as my mother could get accused of being a psychopath, then who on earth is safe from these false accusations?

The answer, of course, is nobody. These abuses will continue until they are stopped. I suggest making it libel and slander to brand this way the people who aren’t sociopaths. Only when there is accountability for these false accusations will there be a reason for people to stop making them.

For people who are actually sociopaths, I have more pity than hatred. How hard it would be to lack connection between two necessary centers in the brain and to be an alien among the human race. With pedophiles, I have still more pity. What kind of hell would it be to have disgusting urges that one does not want, that make him a monster in people’s eyes and that get him treated like the worst thing that ever lived?

Since the problem with sociopaths is lack of connection between two centers in the brain, the cure will most likely involve brain surgery. We are years away from being able to do that, but it should be possible eventually. With pedophiles, I recommend something that has worked for others in their position. Buddhist monks, in order to do away with their sexual urge, meditate on decomposing corpses when they get horny. Over time, this deconditions their entire sexuality so that they can focus on their enlightenment without distraction of man-woman relationships. If Buddhists can use this technique to get rid of sex drive entirely, the surely pedophiles can use this technique to do away with their errant sexual urges. The result will be the pedophiles solving their problem without burdening the government, the mental health or the prison system.

In either case, the solution of making these kinds of attacks is wrong. If someone really has a psychiatric problem such as the preceding, then the solution is helping them and not attacking them; and if someone does not have a problem, then claiming that they do is slander. It also constitutes crying wolf. The more innocent people get accused of such things, the less credibility will be had for victims of real pedophiles or real sociopaths. Freedom demands responsibility; and free speech must be responsible free speech. Making wrong accusations is irresponsible speech. And it hurts all sorts of innocent people because it diminishes the credibility of real victims.

Source by Ilya Shambat

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