The Narcissist Smirk, Smile, and Grin of satisfaction

The Narcissist Smirk, Smile, and Grin of satisfaction © Glinn | Dreamstime Stock Photos.


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41 thoughts on “The Narcissist Smirk, Smile, and Grin of satisfaction

  1. They can't laugh openly in your face (yet) especially if they still need you, so the" smirk" is the silent victory lap, they reward themselves with, hoping you won't notice!

  2. The smirk is one of the main ways you can spot them!

  3. I exposed and let my narcissist know I know. What will happen next. He is not allowed to call me, I blocked the phone calls, but he knows where I live and work

  4. Saw that smirk on my future mother in laws face years ago. Very demented. She was explaining in not so many words how easy it was for her to manipulate her son, whom Im engaged to. I told him about this and he seemed confused. Deep down he knows now and is starting to stand up against it, but she is covert and good at lying to get 'victim' sympathy. I just thought she sounded so weak and pathetic that this is her only means of getting what she wants in life, using and manipulating her own children. Sad!

  5. Constructive feed back: Go ahead record your own voice or get a friend to do it. It will get you more viewers than with a robotic voice.

  6. They never admit to anything they do even when they're caught in the act. They also try to make you look crazy!!!

  7. I have suffered from my ex wife. .she was Moroccan. .i have treated her like princess and spoiled her with lots of love she married me just to be come Australian citizen she made me loose more than $50000 she convinced me that she has a house in morocco and that house for both of us. she went holiday to morocco in 2011 i told her to bring house documents with her when she came back to Australia after 3 months she didn't bring any documents when I stopped paying mortgage she created a lot of trouble for me. .she met a man on Internet..i forgave her but she continued to lie to me she was talking to men behind my back i found out she had a relationship with another man .i divorced her. .she took me to court saying i forced her for sex and touching her in front of my little kids…she denied access to my little girls. .she made my life miserable and I am suffering from her

  8. my husband stands there arms folded smirking and laughing at my emotions over anything….

  9. From my many encounters with these people who obviously take satisfaction in what they do, they seem to have an inadiquacy stemming from who knows, and who cares. They seem to be very contrived with their concete, yet beneath they feel anything but supperior. I' ve confronted a few and they allways deny and play innocent, or are sarcastically glib. Many are very shot in stature or have puffy faces in witch they usually conceal with a beard. Or have an abundance of muscles to overcompensate for another short comming. They can invoke anger with thier ingeniously schemed manerisms witch they perform with harvard theater school performance skills. They beguile their niave partners and friends in hopes to get a negative reaction from those they play their perverted chess game with the skill of one who is a practiced expert. Make no mistake about it, they must be shunned. Banished to the realms of the blind and deaf forever seeking attention like a small child but never recieving even the slightest acknowledgment that they even exist. Because in thier contrived warped game in witch they've masterminded they cannot be defeated, for only the feeble of soul yet intellegent whould play such a repeditve pathetic sadistic game over and over and you get the point. What this stinking foul stenchfilled putrified puss oozing broth boils down to is a battle of witts with a sad individual seeking to wrong the rights of his childhood let downs. If one gazes upon their shananigans for too long then energy magnetism makes it harder to walk away. So in my travells I find it's best to return not even a smile of victory, for it is best to keep the poker or regular face, and if one wishes to laugh or smile do it behind their backs. When one laughs victoriously for all to see it is phony, yet when one grins in the shadows, and laughs in the darkness he or she is truely the victor, even though the game was never joined in by you. The annoying ones are left to solitarily move their fetid chess pieces on their rancid board. Good luck for all who encounted these creatures, and remeber to keep attenion away from the seekers.

  10. Wow, this has hit home so much! I knew I wasn't imagining that he was doing this to me. Thank you for this video.

  11. when I helped my daughter moving out her things, I saw this smile on his face…he already knew she soon would want to live with him again…

  12. As my narc discarded me she sat and watched me pack. When I told her I hope she finds she's no happier down the road she gave me this evil grin and said. I only wish the best for you. The only time I remembered seeing her smirk that was each year when she would let her dogs run into my garden to destroy it.

  13. I don't fall for that now. When I did, it wasn't as if it was long-term nor ill-repair anyway. I'm not hooked just like that. I know that I embody the Sinatra song For Once in My Life. not The Lady's a Tramp.

  14. I thought this was my imagination. It's true.

  15. I had to stand very close to him. He was holding a shovel and I had to stand close so he didn't have room to swing it and hit me.  He knew I was afraid and he smirked as he walked and I stuck glued to a man I had just told I was leaving.

  16. And all along i just thought this was unique to my "mother". She would smile a sadistic smile while she was beating me, revealing her great satisfaction in hurting me. But now i realize there have been others with that secret grin of satisfaction since then and i merely overlooked or tuned it out.

  17. My boyfriend insists that I'm a narcissist and in trying to prove so, he continues to send me these videos on narcissism however whenever I view them all I can hear is this man talking to me and speaking about the very same boyfriend as he talks about the terms describing a narcissist it sounds exactly like the way my boyfriend treats me. So I think folks before you dish this out this same form of treatment to your loved ones, assuming that they are the ones guilty of this behavior, You first take a look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you are not the one guilty of dispensing this treatment to your loved one as you try so whole heartedly to offer them a cure. Thanks honey! Surely though, thou protesteth too much!

  18. I can't believe an animated video has scared me to realization.

  19. They are SICK AND TWISTED in every sense of the word!

  20. Thank you for the heads up. Now I can see it in people I know & from my past. Scary!!

  21. Can it be seen in a child? What can be done?

  22. I'm not sure, but is the reason they become narcissists because they've identified themself as a seperate entity and that seperate entity is to them a supreme being? So they will do everything for this supreme being, which happens to be themselves? That's the only way I can justify a human being as evil.

  23. I will never forget spotting the smirk on her face.
    She accused me of being the narcissist.
    I went to a therapist after reading the characteristics of a narcissist and requested that I be cured of narcissicm.
    My therapist and I laugh about that today. I sat on what I call the stupid box for nearly 30 years. -no more-
    I truly will never forget spotting the smirk on her face.

  24. Thank you robot voiced man.

  25. yep saw the smirk – look of satisfaction/superiority and pride periodically at the beginning, middle and end when they twisted reality enough to shut me up for a second…

  26. I have seen this smirk on my mother's face when she was cruel to me.  I am permanently NC with her.  She's 90 and will likely live to be 103.I also often saw this smirk on the face of my narcissist ex-boss when he caused me overwork or stress.  These are evil people.

  27. Psychology is the least established field of professional study. Everywhere I read about people going to the psychologist, they say they do nothing for them, except medicate them. Psychology is bunk, psychologists can't help anyone, they just put negative labels on people, who probably have gone through a lot and have been shaped by their environments and experiences. It's easy to judge when you yourself have not gone through and really understand what they have gone through. You can judge all you want, but that doesn't solve anything, psychologists can never cure people, you may as well just do as the NAZI's did and get rid of the mentally disturbed, and unproductive members of society, or simply the ugly people…. people are too self absorbed to care for others these days, they just want to judge and cast them aside.

  28. you can never forget that grin

  29. yeah,they are sick and twisted heartless freaks

  30. I'm in pain. … im in so much pain

  31. Thank u for all that is on this channel. It is helping me to heal.

  32. BTW, staying the relationship has nothing to do with being smart! Narcissist's target people who are empathetic, compassionate and loving. I wanted to help my Narc husband. He made me feel sorry for him. I felt needed. Even now he will spin a sob story to pull at my heart strings!

  33. After an argument, my Husband tried to make him feel like he was the victim. I felt bad until he was brushing is teeth. His eyes looked gleeful! Then I caught him smiling at me behind my back!

  34. why not just record your voice or a friend with a good voice. The audio sounds terrible,

  35. George W. Bush was one of the biggest smirkers ever.

  36. i have learned a lot from your videos but i find the "voice" distracting.

  37. My Narc sister came out of a courthouse with her middle her middle finger stuck in the air and her tongue wagging while she bounced her head around. Another danced lewd and suggestively around our 87yr old uncle.

  38. Wow. This is too accurate. Told him to seek therapy but he refuses.

  39. thank God shes out.,,passed in cars 3 months after…biggest smile she gave me….strange …James is right on.

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