What is the POINT of you?

What is the POINT of you?

A particularly gleefully sadistic barb made by PretendGuy. Evilly brilliant abusive attack statement.

Puts one on the defensive instantly and dehumanizes at the same time.


The context doesn’t matter, the reply to such a completely despicable question/insult matters even less.

But might as well put into context.

PretendGuy opines that since I haven’t brought in X amount of dollars recently and since he makes so much money, but must spend it all on himself and his gambling and booze that I must bring in money immediately or he will place me in a women’s shelter.

No cognizance that there are eviction laws, that I’ve given him so much of my self to help in numerous ways.

No recognition that other men would appreciate a sweet, pretty, soft, caring, plucky, uplifting, cool, smart and feminine woman.


The Narcissistic PretendGuy is eternally butthurt that he doesn’t have a 100 pound 5’2 Long Raven Haired millionaire with tits to her neckline who agrees with everything he and Donald Trump says.

Jesus, Guns, Gop, Yee-Haw 70s style redneck but in a stylish BMW driving, Robert Graham shirt wearing, merlot swilling and upscale type of manner because PretendGuy is highly educated and not a backwoods redneck.

But the aesthetic appeals to his simple sense of self.

Wimmins are for making the man happy, their pleasure be damned.

‘Murica is for winning and having the biggest balls, not for any sensitive and caring pro women sissies.

Since I didn’t make my fit into his tiny little mold on top of 9 mile high pedestal, he feels the need to knock me to the grown mentally as much as possible.

Just total fiendish fervor to break me down and drive me insane. Always verbally, only motions and alluding to violence, but way to smart for anything concrete.

The verbal assaults flow easily.

He tells me I am a trainwreck when I have a migraine.

That I am a trainwreck and because I am wearing an oversized cozy purple robe after being sick for most of January with an adenovirus that I look like Grimace.

I have to google what a Grimace is and then see its an unattractive purple cartoon blob.

He tells me that he can bang people but how can I when I look like Grimace now.

I go grey rock, I am still and quiet.

He will not relent.

He states/asks WHAT IS THE POINT OF YOU.

Right now, at this very point in time, the point of me is to be a workhorse, a temporary career gal par excellence, a make of all the monies as fast as possible.

Then, very soon, the point of me is to move on and situate myself in a lovely, enjoyable, safe, upworthy location and residence with plenty of lucre with multiple nice, ongoing and growing nest eggs.

And from then on,

The point of me is to enjoy life.

The point of me is to love myself.

The point of me is to have all the fun.




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