You knew it was a Snake when you Picked it up and now its shed its skin & the relationship. Musings as it slithers away to stick its fangs into its next victim.

A last dehumanizing volley by the Narcissist it to to negate, discount, minimize, obliterate, nuke into orbit, deny, reject, discard and devalue ALL good times in the relationship.

If the dump and discard are dragged out too long and the Narcissist’s prey hangs around too long, especially though no fault of their own, the Narcissist will delight in crushing any good feelings, any lingering warm regard for worthwhile moments in the now crushed relationship.

Their loathsome haughtiness is on full display as they sigh at time wasted with you, their now “worthless” ex.
They play the victim of how truly bored and unfulfilled they were every moment spent with you.

Instead of letting a anyone have rational and positive thoughts about aspects of the relationship thye go on a quest to make damn certain you and everyone they know is made aware of just what a HUGE WASTE OF TIME you entire relationship was.

That every good minute spent together was of zero value, that it was just a terrible and awful decision on their part to ever spend time with you whatsoever.

This is a perfectly heart wrenching and deeply violent act.
To paint EVERY aspect of the entire relationship as a tragic and awful waste of their time puts the ex in the insane position of either seeming stupid to imagine the relationship had really good points OR having to go along with the Narcissist and view the relationship as unbearable and the “worth waste of time possibly imaginable”



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