Nothing about you is Important – Narcissist / Sociopath / Male BPD

Nothing about you is Important – Narcissist’s eloquently evil tidbit insult of the century to me.

I can almost imagine that being needle pointed as a poison gift from a master villain.

N O T H I N G    about     Y O U    is    I M P O R T A N T

This from an alcoholic, gambling misogynist.

When I was slapped with this attack, I responded in the most tepid manner.

Since I didn’t dissolve into tears, Narc didn’t get his pound of flesh.

Next day amped it up with a straightfoward, “you are so WORTHLESS.”

Quite the nice Catholic man with that attack.

But Narcissist isn’t truly spiritual of course. Merely a cradle Catholic, a man who gets a all weepy and excited over Christmas meanwhile telling me I’ll be in a homeless shelter unless I give him a lot more to pay his mortgage.

Doesn’t matter if I take care of the house, he is is an undulating 6 foot pule of farting dirty flesh that grimes up every surface.

Mixed with pets and the house is a daily pigsty to undo.

No thanks ever though.

No thanks for cooking and making sure there’s food to eat.

It’s all about getting his mortgage paid by me so he can gamble and buy enough booze to wreck his liver as quickly as possible.

And my face is rubbed in that fact on a regular basis. To add insane and demented insult to further emotional injury, he states how I couldn’t give a blow job away.

My inner chucking at that absurd remark reminds me how delusional this fiend is.

Before I was so broken down by years of verbal abuse, I still went out with him.

I was received comments from strangers about how attractive I was. Perhaps he was angry because although he was very good looking, I received the attention.

No matter, I am here in this situation and look AWFUL and I know it.

I have all the sympathy in the world for women who are similar situations and find themselves stuck.

Every time I express my feelings and report on his latest evil verbiage, I hope and imagine and have faith it will be the last time.

I am still being too nice and docile and protecting the myth of Pretend Guy.

But he does not exist in this jerkoff’s bod. I am stuck in the house of a person who threatens to jettison me any minute if I don’t bring in big bucks.

I keep quiet as he goes through a litany of illegal actions to ruin me and make me so miserable that I leave.

I will get over of here asap and just am focusing on being a complete ruthless badass now.

Embracing my fiercest and deepest side is my salvation from this mire.




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