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22 thoughts on “New Year Promises from Abuse Victims

  1. Sam, your work is brilliant. You've found a way to courageously deal with your disorder through understanding and share with us in a way that clearly captures the essence of narcissism and its complex features. We are listening to you as the expert on this disorder to help us understand the tornado (narcissistic abuser) that ripped through our lives. Thank you.

  2. I saw you on a show. Why did you stop updating?

  3. I saw you on a show. Why did you stop updating?

  4. What becomes of a narcissist if something happens to them they are ashamed of? For example, let's say they were disfigured in some way or had had some mental issue that prevented them from trying to achieve their goals?

  5. Look at all these books behind me, look how well read I am

  6. Thank you SV for your videos.  I listen to you a lot.  

  7. I knew I had seen you before in a Narcissism Documentary. So do you still believe you're a narcissist? 

  8. I would add forgiving yourself when you get confused and caught again.
    Self-forgiveness is one of the biggest deals. Without doing it, your guilt can compound the confusion and increase the likelihood of getting caught again.

  9. Good question.
    I doubt it tho. I hope he can respond to that.

  10. It would be super-awesome if Narcissists could change.
    I would encourage you to start your own YT channel to teach and demonstrate how they can do that. However, I would also caution you to abstain from using such a great idea to promote yourself. Completely abstain. No books. No pictures. No money. Turn off comments. Turn off the thumbs-up and thumbs-down feature and any other feature which might give you a jolt.
    Just give.
    Show us how it's done.

  11. Hello. After listening to SV for the past 6 months and struggling with some of my own N behavior, I have learned a good deal about NPD and how it relates to me and some of the people in my life. I thank him for this. However I would caution people who have recognized that some of what SV says resonates with them. His consistent demeaning of all N's and belief that there is no hope for them is dangerous and toxic. You can change!

  12. Everyone has the capacity to change, this has been scientifically proven by Neurologists through studies on the plasticity of the brain, don't let Sam's negative rhetoric prevent you from changing yourself. Listen to "Amazing Grace" sometime, people have been changing for a long long time. Please do not get caught in his absolutism. Learning to love is a beautiful thing and is absolutely possible. Keep trying.

  13. the drug is nutrition. remove food based brain allergies like gluten/wheat. add serious quality brain foods. expect a gradual partial recovery.

  14. he is a PHD not a Doctor…Dr.. That would require another 8 years of college.

  15. Is there a drug that could make it easier for me to be emotionaly responsive?

  16. I am very thankful for the work you do to help us victims of abuse. Once again, thank you for shedding the light.

  17. @walkabout16
    G'day mate, thanks for sending me this, LOL, indeed. This bloke should have his Comedy Clips better publicised. What a pseudological circular spiel ! He advises Abuse-Victims to act like Narcissists, & wants Narcissists to try to act abused… Of course, stammering & yammering in a 2nd-Language is a classic characteristic of the arrogant pseudoscientist, but this artist does it without appearing contrived, at all. Bravo… Ciao !

  18. Great video. Thank you very much, Dr. Vaknin and happy holidays to u 2 🙂

  19. And another resolution was to finally finish my book on my experiences around these people for 21 years (I'm 36 now). I may be one of the only people who comes from a large family on BOTH sides (maternal/paternal) with the majority falling under one or more of the categories discussed on your videos. I can only write on it in chapters because these people tire me out just thinking about them. Once this is all over, I'm hoping there's enough hypnotism to totally forget this so-called "family".

  20. Happy New Year to you as well, and good list!

    My resolution(s) were already a few you listed but the main object is to expose the abusers because I consider my family to be a small town, unchecked/under the radar pedophile ring in Kentucky. The pedo's in the family are excused, never prosecuted or called out. I'm putting an end to all that, because it'll just continue on for generations – and many who aren't the actual pedo's are their female accomplices. Disowning them after whistleblowing.

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