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22 thoughts on “Narcissism The Narcissist is a Thief

  1. My husband (narc) told me if I wanted sex (on my wedding night) I could go out on the street and find it.. what a nice guy..right.. yeah.. and my family loved this guy.

  2. But you do realize that you are attracted to narrcists. You have to choose to break that cycle.

  3. I am happier and healthier today because I had the good sense to move away from my narc mother over 33 years ago. Yes at times we still saw each other, but it was limited contact and I am very glad that I did not continue to live around her for all of those years. I think my children and I are much better off because of this. She still said and done things that were abusive, but we were not around her to allow her much contact and that really helped us a lot.

  4. we were traumatized. cptsd.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences and your wisdom with us.
    For so long you do think you are truly the only one. And you find wonderful people such as yourself. You begin to find out that the experiences that are being disclosed to you almost mirror exactly the experiences you've had. I know it's not easy to talk about but we all know there are many like us out there that have been victims of these people. They are in some of our families. I truly believe my mother, sister and brother are narcissists. I believe I was and still am a scapegoat precisely because I am empathetic, kind and despite so much that has been happened, know I turned out to be a decent person. My mother is long gone and I went no contact with my sister and am now low contact with my brother.

  6. I feel like I should learn to ignore the obnoxious mean statements from the NP and be kind in return.  He is so miserable.  I feel so bad for him.  I try to stay away as much as possible which is most of the time.  The things he says are so ridiculous that I don't take him serious but am concerned about his rage.  I feel guilty for not being a friend to him since he is my twin brother but I am damned if I do and damned if I don't.  I want us to be a happy loving family that communicates like we love each other.

  7. You are a nice guy. Creative, gentle, loving, compassionate, and NICE. And you're exactly right, narcs prey on people like us, and make us think our gentleness is a disgusting weakness. But it's the greatest strength.

  8. This is one of the best videos I have seen on this subject. May God Bless you for it. Yes, they are thieves ! and they destroy lives of the innocent!….! Soul sucking beings. !

    "The thief comes only, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" KJV

  9. was just thinking, there's no way to talk about the Narcissist without judging ! wow no matter how or what angle we take we just can't deal with it without that reality. NO I'm not saying we should feel shame no way ! we're not the instigators. In fact if we had our way all would never need to judge ! at least judge in a good way vs the harmful judging the Narcissist does.

  10. thanks for the video. i had 2 yrs relationship with ones and need four years for me to come back.

  11. really thank you.. your videos and your words are so therapeutic.. everytime I feel down or blame my self for how not see it coming.. for 2 years abused by a very cheap narcissist.. now I am healing

  12. My earliest memory of my narc mother's behaviour, was as a baby standing in my crib just able to look over my knuckles on the railing, and wondering "Why does Mom hate me so much?" I knew then it was unjustified. But over the years, she trained me, so well that I married a narc. Eventually I could feel the truth again. I left my ex. I have no contact with the woman who is "mother" in name only. They stole my childhood and the best years of a young woman's life. My sister says we're all damaged goods, even now, years later. I hope I'm less damaged than I was.

  13. thank you so much! i found a lot off suport in your videos! just ended the relationship whit a narsissist who i was for 5 years! and like you said they give you (fals) hope at least in my case, now im free bu also realy sad and hurt, i give all my love i trusted him ,but someting happend what he did and that whas the last drop!!

  14. I trusted my sister and always looked up to her and she has betrayed me so badly. No contact is my answer now and I'm so sad I've lost her as I thought she loved me.

  15. I feel I've done nothing wrong and I'm scratching my head and feel betrayed. My narc sis has taken my grown up daughter (25 yrs )under her wing and triangulates . I'm so sad and I'm confused as I've tried so so hard with my daughter living here . She goaded me yesterday and made me feel bad; & in the end we argued. I've tried to kick her out . I feel guilty and such a bad person , and betrayed . :(

  16. Touchée. This put a new light on my suffering.

  17. The visible narcissist sucks… We all know this. But the biggest fucking coward is the covert narcissist… They're demons in disguise.

  18. Same thing happened to me….WRITE A BOOK!!!

  19. Thank you so much for your kindness! Lots of truth and love. Thank you. :D

  20. Champion bloke!!
    Btw the 5 people who disliked this video are his ex narcs

  21. Thankyou Cricri you have brought tears to my eyes as I realise how I have suffered NPD abuse from my mother and now my sister . You're the best xxx

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