American Horror Story: Gaslighted “Your life is Worthless” and other positive affirmations from your loving Narcissist Overlord

The Narc stated mockingly that i have been a good girlfriend, but I’m a girlfriend he does not want to ever touch or have a conversation with or live with.



As the Narc’s economic control has only tightened, he is enjoying the double bind he has me in.

The sociopath narcissist spends much energy “reminding me” that dating me has been a waste of  nearly a decade for him (we barely saw each other for the 1st 2 years long distance and even then it’s 7 years, but NPD people want to make their insults write larger than reality would indicate)

The Narc tells me I’ll be in his house until I’m very old and no man will want me.

He attempts to hypnotize me with his assertive insults.


When I give 600 dollars, he will remember it as 100 dollars.

If I explain and show proof it was 600, he will say that I put so much time into making it , that it took  me months to make it.

Clever walking back and back-pedaling to a dizzying degree.

Any calm, low key and peaceful evenings are immediately followed up by raging diatribes.

It’s as if the Narc catches himself NOT being angry or mad and has to remedy any sense of peace immediately.

Narc takes a stance as if he is reading a line from Shakespeare.

Don’t I know anything. Oh it’s so impossible to tell me anything. Oh I have been a good girlfriend, BUT not one that he WANTS to touch, not one he WANTS to have a conversation with and not one he WANTS living in his house.

Not even trying to be a grey rock at this point, I simply stare blankly at him.

Next day, he attempts a more dramatic and flourishing statement.

He states that my life is WORTHLESS.

Looking over google searches, I’m hard pressed to find abusers even going this far.

In reality, there aren’t even any results for “told me my life is worthless.”

The statement is so egregious, so dehumanizing, as to be beyond the pale.

There are results in google for “told me I’m worthless.”

So basically that it the same damning and hideous insult.

But adding life to the insult brings it to next level of abuse kind of insanity.

Not for one second did I take the Narcissist insult to heart.

I kept myself from giving in and spitting back a similar insult.

So here I am walking on eggshells from all surface impressions.

Meanwhile I’m quietly following in my recently discovered Ancestress and following the best parts of her auspicious and great victory and successes.

From wronged to absolute clever and rich heroine.

Not even paying any further energy to the Narc and his snide and condescending deMEANness.

I’m the Victress. 





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